Where To Buy A Drum Set Online

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Where To Buy A Drum Set Online

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So you’ve decided that you want to become a drummer. That’s awesome. Now you’ll need a drum set.

And while there are loads of articles online on which drum set to choose for your needs, there is none on where to best buy this kit. At the same time, this place is the only element that will determine whether you’ll get the most bang for your buck or whether you’re buying an overpriced kit.

My Favorite 4 Places

In my experience, there are only few places online that really merit your attention when it comes to buying a drum set online.

This is because most of the online retailers are actually dropshippers who don’t hold any inventory. Instead, they only maintain a web shop and once you buy from them, they turn around and order the item from another retailers themselves. Of course, to make any profit on a sale, they mark up the drum sets usually by a significant amount so you’ll end up paying more.

So I recommend that you go to the source directly i.e. to a reputable drum retailer who has the drum set you want in their warehouse. Of course, it would be even more price efficient to go to the manufacturer directly, but no manufacturer I know of sells their drums directly to consumers. Apparently, there has got to be a middleman, but in that case choose an affordable middlemen who ensures you’ll receive quality products.

In that vein, it’s also important to watch out for guarantees. Most places that I’m going to mention to you below should provide at least 1 year of warranty on drum sets bought through them. This does not protect you against normal wear and tear, but it will cover you in case any of the major compenents malfunction or turn out to be faulty within that time frame.

So without further ado, let me tell you the major drum retailers that I trust today (I’m not allowed to provide links here, but you’ll easily be able to find them through a Google search):

1. Amazon

Tried and trusted by millions, Amazon also carries dozens of the most popular drum kits. You will have access to the biggest database of reviews, and you usually can purchase a warranty at Amazon too.

2. Sweetwater

Sweetwater will usually have less reviews for any given drummer, but it’s still a giant drum retailer and also boasts a larger inventory of drums than Amazon. What sets Sweetwater apart though is their personalized customer service meaning: at any step of the decision process you’ll be able to talk to your own sales rep in order to figure out what drum set to buy for your needs

3. Guitar Center

Probably the biggest musical instruments retailer in the US, Guitar Center is trusted by millions of customers every year. You’ll find a wide range of drum sets available (somewhere between Amazon and Sweetwater) and I’ve found that Guitar Center is often most generous in terms of the length of their warranty.

So there you have it: my 3 favorite places to buy drums online with my take on their individual strengths. Have fun picking your shop as well as your drum set!