The Year Of The Rooster

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The Year Of The Rooster

The Rooster happens to be one of the twelve signs listed in the Chinese zodiac, which rotates on a yearly basis. Anyone who was born in the years 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, or 1969, 1981, 1993 or in 2005 are known as Roosters. 2017 is going to be another year of the Rooster.

Anyone who is born during the Rooster cycle is said to be confident, self-assured and unwavering – according to astrologer George Tang. This is actually where the term “cocky” comes from. While being cocky is often looked upon in a derogatory way, the Rooster can use self-confidence for great things. Many Roosters will become strong leaders, going on to achieve amazing things because they believe they can.

A Rooster can also channel such confidence into extreme honesty, being that Roosters will never be afraid to tell it like it is and you will not find them sugarcoating truths that may be otherwise uncomfortable. You never need to wonder if a Rooster is hiding something, as it is simply not in their nature. Roosters will wear their emotions on their sleeve, talking about problems right when they happen.

Roosters are extremely motivated, channelling this motivation into others around them. This is something that makes for excellent leadership. They have unshakeable confidence and Roosters will decide on a path and then go for it where people from other signs may not be sure or remain indecisive. If a Rooster is heading a project, there will never be any issues getting started. However, it can be hard for them to adjust a plan when new challenges come about.

The Rooster is both social and charming in a rather straightforward manner. If you sit back and imagine a major celebrity at a high society party, the chances are good you are imagining someone with a rooster personality. These individuals are gregarious, outgoing and never have trouble inserting themselves into social situations and becoming the focus of attention. Self-confidence such as this allows them to break the ice with stories, where any other sign may be concerned that they do not have anything interesting to say.

Roosters are known for being overachievers, they are obsessed with living up to the manner in which they talk and will back it all up with confidence. The Rooster will also pour their soul into a project that they care about, usually having a long list of accomplishments that they will brag about.

Overall, the Rooster is confident, outgoing, and even sometimes a bit abrasive if they cannot keep their personality in check. When at their best, Roosters are motivated, charming and very accomplished people who are going someplace in life.