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The Ancient Art Of Celtic Astrology

Furthermore, they looked for patterns that were connected to the lunar year and referred to this as the color and shape of one's life. Each cycle had its own tree sign. Symbolism was determined by the seasons and the cycles of the moon. The zodiac signs were based on the


Aquarius 2017 Career Predictions You Should Know

It is unique because Ganymede is said to have an incredibly large ocean just beneath the surface, and Aquarius is the water bearer. This coincidence is very astounding but even more astounding is the type of year that people born under the sign will have in the water carrier cycle


The Year Of The Rooster

Anyone who is born during the Rooster cycle is said to be confident, self-assured and unwavering - according to astrologer George Tang. This is actually where the term "cocky" comes from. While being cocky is often looked upon in a derogatory way, This is actually where the term "cocky"