The Ancient Art Of Celtic Astrology

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The Ancient Art Of Celtic Astrology

Understanding Celtic Astrology

Most people have read their horoscopes in the newspaper at one time or another in their lifetimes. The year is broken down into twelve different segments and each segment has its own zodiac sign. Each individual sign has its own set of characteristics. Most people born under their zodiac sign shares many of the same personality traits. These traits help determine how a person will feel or what will happen to them based on the position of the planet and the stars.

Although Celtic astrology operates under the same premise, it is slightly different. The Druids developed this type of astrology based on the things in nature. The following article will discuss the basics of Celtic astrology. As you begin to understand Celtic astrology, you will find out that this ancient form of astrology can help you make better decisions in your day to day life.

The time and date of your birth can contribute to your personality and behaviors, according to astrology. In Celtic astrology, the Druid believed that the season that you were born in had distinct qualities.
Furthermore, they looked for patterns that were connected to the lunar year and referred to this as the color and shape of one’s life. Each cycle had its own tree sign.

Symbolism was determined by the seasons and the cycles of the moon. The zodiac signs were based on the different constellations. It was believed that these contributed to the path that one’s life would follow. In Celtic astrology, it was believed that trees also played a part in determining one’s life.

Druids were very reverent to nature and believed that all humans were connected to nature. For this reason, trees were incorporated into Celtic astrology. Druids believed that the specific tree a person was connected and contained infinite wisdom, which helped determine the path a person’s life would take. Moreover, they believed that those born under a certain tree sign would have similar characteristics.

What are the Different Celtic Astrology Signs?

Zodiac signs are based on the constellation under which you were born. These signs are represented by some type of symbol, such as a lion, mythical dragon or a bowl. In Celtic tree astrology, the date of a person’s birth is represented by a tree. Each tree sign has distinct characteristics. Those born under each sign would have distinct personality characteristics.

For example, those born between December 24 and January 20 were connected to a Birch tree. This Celtic astrology sign suggested that individuals born under this sign are highly driven, motivated and natural born leaders. Other Celtic tree signs included the Oak (June 10 July 7), the Ash (February 19 March 17) and Ivy (September 30 October 27). The Oak symbol suggested individuals would be self-motivated, charismatic and determined. The Ash symbolized sensitivity, compassion and intuition. Those born under the Ivy sign would be energetic, friendly and optimistic.

A traditional astrologist uses the zodiac signs and the position of the stars and planets to offer advice on significant events coming up in the future. Celtic astrology offers the same type of advice based on the unique characteristic determined by the tree sign under which a person is born.

Druids revered nature and it was a part of their religion. They honored Mother Nature and all that she does for the human race. In addition to being connected to nature, the Druids believed humans were connected to the universe. The Celtic philosophy interwove nature with the planetary happenings and developed their own form of astrology, which is still used today.