7 Ways You Can Prepare Your Child For Kindergarten At Home

7 Ways You Can Prepare Your Child For Kindergarten At Home

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Parents find it awfully hard to leave their children by themselves, and this is especially true for first-time parents who will be sending their child off to kindergarten. If you are one of these parents, you dont have to be ashamed of this obviously natural feeing. However, there are things that you must do to prepare your child for Kindergarten and to ensure that your child would be okay once you leave him/her. As a parent, the first thing you need to do is make sure that your child is equipped with Kindergarten readiness. This means that you must let your child know where he/she would be going, and also tell him/her the reason for going there. Asking your child of how he/she feels about going to kindergarten can also be of great help. Moreover, you can also teach your child the basics such as identifying the colors and shapes, counting from 1-10, writing their names, and maybe even do a bit of reading so he/she wont be caught by surprise by the teachers lessons. Through this, you would be at ease that your child wouldnt leave behind in their everyday discussion since he/she is already equipped with the basics.

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Do not just stick to one

The second way is to involve him/her to different Kindergarten Readiness activities. One way to help your child write his/her own name, you can use shaving cream in the bathroom mirror or either sugar or salt in a cake pan and let your child trace the letters of his/her name. Flashcards can also help your child and will always make the learning fun. You can also paste these flashcards on your wall if you have an extra space. You can also put some words in the wall or label some of the things in your home. Once your child enjoys these activities, it would then be easier for him/her to acquire the Kindergarten readiness skills. However, if you think that the mention activities are not suited for your child, you can make your own activities, but make sure that your child would not only enjoy but at the same time would learn something from it also. The third is to let your child be acquainted with other children. If he/she is the only child at home, it would be difficult for him/her to socialize around with other children since he/she is accustomed in getting all the attention by him/herself. You can bring your child to the nearby park and let him/her play with other kids.

Explore and know what works best

The fourth way is to teach your child to say please and thank you. However, make sure also that you also use these words at home so your child genuinely believes in their importance. The fifth one is to see to it that all the good deeds done by your child are being praised and those bad deeds must be corrected. You need to let him/her understand that for whenever she showed good behaviors, she would be praised and if she does something undesirable, consequences will always follow. Our sixth way is to let your child becomes independent. Independent in the sense that he/she can clean up her/his mess, prepare his/her snacks and even dressed by him/herself. Teaching your child with these simple things would give you an assurance that your child can still function even if youre not around. At this point, you are still hesitating whether it would work or, not right? However, you need to keep in mind that your child is capable of doing things that you never did imagine him/her doing it.

Start to prepare your child for Kindergarten now

Lastly is to enroll your child in a child care in Waterford Lakes that offers Kindergarten readiness program. You must make sure that the program offered will cater the needs of your child. in addition, you also need to check whether the environment is good for your child. In checking, it would be good to bring along your child with you whenever you will check any child care. If its possible, sit on a kindergarten class that is still in progress if the principal will permit you to do so. You can also meet the kindergarten teachers ahead and conduct a quick survey of their classroom, facilities, offices and playground. Having the sense of familiarity to the place would ease your anxiety and discomfort as well as your child. These ways would make it easier for you to prepare your child for Kindergarten.

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